Sketch Blog

Kickstarter Campaign Now Live

I'm currently running a Kickstarter campaign to print some large posters of my work. Please take a moment to check it out at

Skull Sketch

Just messing around with Digital painting techniques.

Mutant Rabbit

A weird little octopus rabbit. 

BURNT - New Cover (In Progress)

I've been working on a new cover for the new edition of BURNT. The coloring the stain glass window has been taking FOREVER. I pretty sure I could build a damn stained glass window in the time it's taken me just to color it.

Cereal Robot

I was going for a retro look with the half-tone coloring. The final product was put on a color background and looks pretty sharp. Maybe I should find a copy of that and put it up here...

Cheshire Cat

I'm reading Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass right now. Weird, wonderful stuff. I might have to do a Jabberwocky comic one of these days...

Wounded Demon

A rough drawing for a panel in my new comic Hellhole. I really like playing around with the expressive, wierd anatomy of my characters. The Mike Mignola influence is pretty obvious in my work but there's alot of Egon Schiele in there as well. 

Banned Books

Another illustration for the library. This one is for Banned Book week. The public library's anti-censorhip stance is one of many reasons I'm a big fan of the library.

The Hobbit

This is an image I created for my local public library to promote a "Hobbit Hootenanny" day. It's a quick pen and ink drawing that I then colored in Photoshop.